Clwb Minigolf Cymraeg yn cipio Pencampwriaeth y Clybiau

After a year’s absence, the weekend of the 1/2nd October saw the 2021 British Club Championship take place at Aces Minigolf Gloucester. Six teams took part over the two days, with every team playing each other in a single league format over the 12 hole course.

Sadly the holders were unable to defend their trophy, so would there be a new name on the trophy? And indeed there was, it was the semi hometown club, The Welsh Minigolf Club, in the guise of the Welsh Wizards who emerged victorious. undefeated  over the weekend, winning three and halving two of their matches.

Four time winners Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club (Putt out to Grass) took the runners up spot losing just the one match

Cambridgeshire & Essex after a slow start took the Bronze Medal

The Wednesday Wonkers of Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club, finished in fourth, just missing out on a podium finish

Thanet Silverbacks, (Shelley’s King Kongs) finished in fifth place, winning two of their matches

The second Welsh team, the Warriors team finished sixth with three points from their five matches.


The competition was played in an excellent spirit, with plenty of close matches, and tense finishes. But there was no doubt that the Wizards were worthy winners.


The Victorious Wizards (L to R) – Jas Kukielka, Shaun Stimpson,  Balázs Tompa, Seve Kukielka, Martyn Williams.



Huge thanks to Seve and the Kukielka’s for accommodating us over the weekend.


The Final table:


1st– Welsh Wizards  (Seve Kukielka, Jas Kukielka, Shaun Stimpson, Balázs Tompa, Martyn Williams)

2nd– Putt Out To Grass (John McIver, Nick Chitty, Dave Harding, Jo Williamson)

3rd– Cemgc (James Rutherford, Helen Dodd, Matt Dodd, Mark Wood, Jon Wright)

4th– Wednesday Wonkers (Dave Gomm, Brian Gould, David Hartley, Marion Hartley)

5th– Shelley’s King Kongs (Scott Lancley, Shelley Cooper, James Hollinrake, John Sharp)

6th– Welsh Warriors (Stephen Skinner, Rhiannon Davison, Cindy Kukielka, Laura Skinner, Ian Witt)




BMGA Club Championships Roll of Honour:

2003 – Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club

2004 – London Minigolf Club

2005 – Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club

2006 – Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club

2007 – Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club

2008 – Midlands Minigolf Club

2009 – London Minigolf Club

2010 – Kent Minigolf Club

2011 – Kent Minigolf Club

2012 – Kent Minigolf Club

2013 – Kent Minigolf Club


2015 – Midlands Minigolf Club

2016 – Kent Minigolf Club

2017 – Midlands Minigolf Club

2018 – Cambridgeshire & Essex Minigolf Club

2019 – Midlands Minigolf Club


2021 – Welsh Minigolf Club



Some photos from the day, including the presentations can be found on the BMGA Facebook page at