2021 Matchplay Singles

Updated: 2021-10-13   06:28

Start date: 2021-10-15   Start time: 12:00

20 players are registered


The BMGA tour returns to Strokes on 16 and 17 October for the British Championships with the Singles Matchplay on 15 October.


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Name Club
Martin Greenhead CEMGC
Dave Gomm PHCGC
David Hartley PHCGC
Marion Hartley PHCGC
Adrian Amey CEMGC
Seve Kukielka WELSH
Steve Lovell SWMGC
Brian Gould PHCGC
Richard Jones WELSH
Chris Smith MMGC
Michael Smith MMGC
Zita Tompa WELSH
Balazs Tompa WELSH
James Shaw SWMGC
Luke Ryan PHCGC
Neil Tann CEMGC
David Jermey PHCGC
Tiger Pragnell KMGC
Rhiannon Davison WELSH
James Rutherford CEMGC

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