BMGA British Doubles

Updated: 2020-08-13   16:48

Start date: 2020-08-16   Start time: 09:00

16 teams are registered



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The Marmite Brothers
 Mark Wood / Martin Greenhead
The Ace Holes
 Martyn Williams / Rhiannon Davison
De La Hole
 Ed Pope / Steve Lovell
 Paul Tutt / David Gomm
Smoooth Rocket
 James Rutherford / Adrian Amey
Bonnie and Clyde
 Neil Tann / Ayshe Greenan
Two Horsemen
 Andy Exall / Matt Exall
West Country Wizards
 Simon Brown / Seve Kukielka
The Wonkspangles
 David Hartley / Marion Hartley
Double Trouble
 Stephen Skinner / Laura Skinner
 Will Donnelly / Michael Smith
Puttered Scones 4 Tee
 Brenda Smith / Chris Smith
Double F
 Marc Chapman / Sean Homer
Team 14
 Cameron Fincher / Dave Fincher
Off The Bench
 Matt Dodd / Helen Dodd
Par-ther and Son
 Tim Novis / Freddie Novis

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