Dunton Hills ready for double header

Next weekend, 7th and 8th August, sees the tour return to Dunton Hills with the Cambridgeshire & Essex Open taking place on Saturday followed by the first BMGA event, the Doubles Championship on the Sunday.

The Doubles competition will see a full field of 16 pairs taking part for the title.  

The format for the event will see the 16 pairs drawn (at random) into 4 groups of 4 teams. The draw for the groups will take place at Dunton Hills on Saturday 7th August between rounds 2 and 3 of the Cambridgeshire & Essex Open.  

The tournament will tee off from 9.00am with practice ending at 8.40am. The anticipated finish time is 4pm

Players are reminded to bring a packed lunch.

 The group stages will see round robin matches taking place over 12 holes – the 12 holes selected are as follows:


Players in their pairs will take alternate shots on each lane. They will also tee off on alternate holes – i.e if player 1 in the pair tees off on the first hole of their match, player 2 will tee off on the second hole, player 1 on the third hole (and so on). Both pairs will also alternate who tees off first at each hole . i.e. Pair 1 tee off at first hole, pair 2 at the second hole, pair 1 at the third (and so on).

Each match will see 3 points awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw. If teams are tied in points then the head to head result will decide who is rated higher. If the head to head is also a tie then hole difference will decide who is rated higher.

 The top 2 pairs from each group will progress through to the quarter final (knockout) stages of the event competing for places 1-8, with the bottom 2 pairs playing for places 9-16.

The knockout ties will follow a similar format to the World Cup, with matches also played to decide all places, from the Winners to 16

All knockout matches will be 12 hole ties – decided by sudden death shootout if the match is tied after 12 holes.

The course is offering a day practice rate of £5 for all players

PLEASE NOTE: All bunkers on the course will be classed as Hazards for both the CEMGC Open and the British Doubles Championship. Any ball that comes to rest in a bunker will be deemed to be in the hazard and the shot will then be retaken from the original point – all shots count, no additional penalty given. eg if the ball comes to rest in a bunker from the tee off shot, the player will tee off again. If the ball is played into a bunker from elsewhere on the lane, the shot is replayed from the previous position.

CONFIRMED TEAMS FOR THE EVENT (numbers will correspond to the draw):

  1. David Hartley and Marion Hartley – The Wonkspangles
  2. Dave Gomm and Paul Tutt – Ice and a Slice
  3. Andy Wilde and Kelly Wilde –  The Wild Baston’s
  4. Jon Wright and Heather Bowen – Eagle Eyes
  5. Ed Pope and Steve Lovell – Steveis and Putt ‘Ed
  6. Martyn Williams and Rhiannon Davison – The Ace Holes
  7. Neil Tann and Ayshe Greenan – Bonnie and Clyde
  8. Martin Greenhead and Chris Wood – The Essex Bees
  9. James Rutherford and Adrain Amey – CEMGC B Team
  10. Simon Brown and Seve Kulkielka –  Celtic Rangers
  11. Stephen Skinner and Laura Skinner – Double Trouble
  12. Balázs Tompa and Márton Geda – Just Parfect
  13. Cameron Fincher and Terry Exall – Toby or Not Toby
  14. Chris Smith and Michael Smith – Team with no name
  15. Andy Exall and Matt Exall – Müttley Crüe
  16. James Hollinrake and Shelley Cooper – Lady and the Tramp