BMGA Covid-19 protocols – Updated

BMGA Covid-19 protocols

Since the announcement of the new “group of 6 rule” made by the government as of Wednesday 9th September. The BMGA have sought advice from both England Golf and Sport England documents with regards how best to proceed with our tournaments.

We have held five separate tournaments since lockdown without any positive covid-19 cases, that in part is down to everyone participating following the now new norm;

• Washing hands regularly and using sanitising hand gel.

• Wearing masks when going into use any indoor facilities.

• Keeping the 2m social distance.

• Being mindful when moving from hole to hole (not moving on until the next group has left the next tee-off area.)

To meet the new rule, participants are asked to observe the following:

• Once you are grouped for the day in your bubble, you stay within that group bubble (These will be colour coded and clear before the event.) The bubbles on the course will be separated by 6 minute tee off times from the start of hole one.

• Practice will need to be done individually or strictly within your group bubble. You may wish to wear masks during this period as a precaution. If someone other than your bubble is on the tee you must give them the expected 2m social distance.

• Scorecards will be verified by the EC member assigned to your bubble, then sent on to be updated onto the live bangolf link. There will be no need to gather around a tournament screen.

• There will be bubble group assigned area if you wish to use it. If you do not wish to sit within your bubble between rounds, then as before you’re welcome to return to your car or hangout in an outdoor area
social distanced on your own or within family bubble (Please wash hands or use hand gel, just before starting your next round.)

• As much as you may wish to catch-up with other participants please only do so after the end of days play, not during.

• If there is a sheltered area (example gazebo) be aware you may be asked to wear a mask while under it.

We have been in regular communication with the venue managements, had they any concerns regarding the current situation or our protocols they would have cancelled the event.
This is not an easy situation, but we are confident that by everyone following these extra measures, on top of those you already follow. We can all proceed to enjoy and compete safely over the duration of the weekend.

Note: Should you be asked by a member of the public at the venue why we are playing, feel free to direct them to one of the EC, and we will be happy explain our protocols. Risk assessment also below.

The BMGA will expect all those participating in our next event BMGA British Championships, 17-18th October to have read this document prior to the date so that they are familiar with our updated Covid-19 protocols.

BMGA EC agreed
Date: Friday 9th October (updated)


File: Minigolf Covid Risk Assessment