Player Focus – Ed Pope

The latest in our Player Focus series features one of the more popular players on tour!

Name: Ed Pope

Age: 36

Club: Sussex Wasps

What’s your Favourite Minigolf moment? Got a few honourable mentions – my first appearance for Great Britain, winning the first ever novice competition at the world crazy golf championships. But it has to be my first (and only so far) tour win in Cardiff last year. What a buzz.

What’s your favourite Minigolf course and why? In the UK it’s the crazy course in Hastings. But overall the back course at Horni Bezkedov in the Czech Republic is my favourite. It’s where the WAGM in 2018 was played and it’s an amazing challenge of pace and line and ball choice. There’s not one straight putt on the course, and when you make a good score on that course you know you’ve played an amazing round

How did you first get involved in the world of competitive Minigolf? Through another minigolfer, and one of my best friends, Steve. He told me how fun it was and that I should have a go. I came 2nd last in my first tournament and still came back for more!!

Which event are you most looking forward to this year, and what are your hopes for 2020? I think it’s always the world crazies for me, it’s the tournament I ultimately want to win the most and the one I have the most fun playing. And hopes wise, after missing a few events last year for the birth of my 2nd child, I want to break back into the top 10. Not that I am far away at the moment (currently I’m 11th!!!)

Who is your favourite player to play against? For me, it’s challenging yourself against the best, so the 3 I’ve learnt the most from in tournament play is Michael S, Marc Chapman and Nuno.

Without choosing any big golf players, which famous person do you think would be the best Minigolfer? Ronnie O’Sullivan – ridiculous hand eye coordination and a penchant for the outrageous.

If Minigolf had walk on music, what would your song be? Audioslave – Cochise. Talk over the first 30 seconds of build up then walk on as the beat hits. Perfect

Tell us three things about your life outside of Minigolf: I’ve got 2 children that I am so unbelievably proud of, I’m a massive Plymouth Argyle fan, and I used to be a pub landlord!

And finally, tell us your favourite (clean) joke: what did one wasp say to the other wasp? None of your buzzness

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