Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club

Captain: David Gomm | Vice Captain: Paul Tutt
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Club Open Course: Hastings Adventure Golf



We give you… Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club – Summarise in 250 words they said. (That’s 14 gone already!)
The town… Hastings – A sun-soaked paradise where it never, ever rains; best fish & chips; best ice-cream; best beer & pubs; the spiritual home of minigolf in the UK.
The venue… Hastings Adventure Golf – club sponsors (praise be unto, we kneel & grovel humbly); no less than 3, 18-hole courses (1 of which only the Hastings team are bold enough to play in competition, others tremble in fear); and of course, the home of the legendary World Crazy Golf Championships.
The club… Founded by legends, Ted McIver & Tim Davies. Enough said. This is the ONLY ‘Crazy’ Golf club.
The Captain… another legend – Mr David Gomm (a national treasure and a designated area of special scientific interest).
The members… From across the area and close by (Scotland). A pool of talent: this pool has up-and-coming legends, a few floaters and a few still in the depths somewhere.
The Club motto… P4F – which translates as ‘play for fun’. (Critics might say it should be ‘P2W’ or ‘play to win’, then we might do a bit better).
Our aim… usually slightly off. However we are improving all the time, so watch out.
Practice day… Wednesday (followed by team meeting in the Dolphin).
New Members… always welcome (the theory being that the more we have, the more likely we might win something).

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